What is La Leche League?

Unlike taking a class, LLL offers ongoing support to parents through the hard work and dedication of volunteer Leaders, who have been accredited through the organization, maintain knowledge on current breastfeeding information, and provide a space to openly discuss common (and not so common!) breastfeeding and parenting challenges with others who are and have gone through the same.

By attending a LLL meeting, you are entering a judgement-free zone. Even with like-minded parents, there will always be differences; we encourage you to take what you need and leave the rest. If something doesn’t speak to you, let it go! We are all at different places and from different backgrounds.

We hold series meetings each month. See group specific pages for dates, and check back for any cancellation notices. Both the Liverpool and Syracuse East groups are on Facebook as well.

Have a breastfeeding related question?

Give us a call at (315) 623-0555. We are here to offer support!